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Last night, myself, kateclaire and judyandthedream went to…

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Last night, myself, kateclaire and judyandthedream went to see the band Danica's "sort of in". They're called The Borrowers (at the moment – they have undergone a number of name changes), and the gig was for charity, which confirms Danica's reputation as a modern-day saint and meant she couldn't get us guestlist.

I took a number of photographs of the band, much to Danica's delight and pleasure.They're sepia because I messed the colour up. Sorry. Ever wondered why Kendall's photos are sometimes black and white? Same reason.

The young man on stage with Danica is called Harry.

Danica goes from politely listening to Harry's guitar stylings...

...to being amused...

...to open contempt.

And who can blame her? Someone get that boy a proper belt.

Although while we're on the subject of new clothes, Danica needs some shoes for winter. You can see her toes. She'll catch her death. This would not be good for fanica.

One of our number managed to get a copy of the setlist, although sadly it does not feature the highlight of the set, their cover of Razorlight's "Rip It Up", which they encored with.

I have been a fan of Danica for some time now. Her talents, as I'm sure many of you are aware, extend far beyond her nascent singing career. I would invite all members of fanica to post sightings, examples of her wit and wisdom, and anything else you think might be of interest. Eyethankewe.
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On November 26th, 2005 05:58 pm (UTC), judyandthedream commented:
Danica's so cool.

I wish i was more like Danica.

(Also, i'm sure it should be pointed out that the TWO atrocious spelling mistakes on that setlist are nothing to do with Danica. Danica, i'm certain, does not make spelling mistakes, and knows how to spell "emotions". It must have been one of her bandmates, probably the boy with the trouser-problem.)

Also, last night, Danica told me that she wanted a Baby Annie Records badge. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and admiration that i cried. TRUE STORY.
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On November 26th, 2005 06:19 pm (UTC), celticsilver commented:
Oh dear god Phil. What do I look like?! That's ridiculous. Woe. Yeah, and the spelling mistakes are nothing to do with me. Danny Tourette is too lazy to print off a corrected copy of the setlist. xx
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On November 26th, 2005 10:44 pm (UTC), white_city_girl commented:
Danica is hot onstage. *Ahem*
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On November 27th, 2005 12:45 am (UTC), msdaccxx commented:
I feel soiled generally for not dragging myself from my sick-bed to witness this Night of Legend
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